Training and Advice

Individual advisory services and training for applicants and multipliers sensitise them towards synergies between programme worlds and funding programmes.

The materials show examples for the innovation fields of how to structure advisory services and tailor information so that synergy potential can be systematically identified and used throughout the innovation cycle – from analysing objectives to planning projects.

Guidelines for Strategic Funding Advice

The Guidelines for Strategic Funding Advice serve as an instrument for the systematic development of synergies in practice. They are intended to help users of funding programmes to identify synergy potential and to use it in a results-oriented way. The guidelines cover all steps in the innovation cycle – from clarification of funding requirements to market launch. In the process, they shed light on the entire innovation process and not just individual aspects.

On the one hand, the guidelines are geared to multipliers responsible for advising applicants on funding programmes of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Federal Government and the EU. They provide a structure for funding advice and support and help to demonstrate the added value of synergies. On the other hand, they are geared to applicants, serving as a source of early information as well as for planning and preparing the individual steps in the innovation process.

Guidelines for the innovation fields

Guidelines “Health”

The guidelines for the innovation field “Health” are geared to the innovation cycle in the health sector.

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Guidelines “Energy”

The guidelines for the innovation field “Energy” are geared to the innovation cycles both of the energy sector and of energy consumers.

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The slides on the topic of strategic funding advice show the general framework for interventions and synergies in a top-down approach. In addition, they systematically illustrate routes to finding suitable funding options for innovations in the three innovation fields for Horizon Europe, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, and for the NRW ERDF/JTF Programme 2021-2027. Programme specifics with synergy potential are highlighted.

The slides are available for download as PDF and in PowerPoint format.

Slides "Interventions in the European Union: The Framework for Innovation"

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Slides "Research and Innovation Funding in the European Union: Horizon Europe – Cluster 5: Climate – Energy – Mobility"

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Slides "Research and Innovation Funding in North Rhine-Westphalia: The NRW ERDF/JTF Programme 2021-2027"

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