In the Synergien.NRW project, events are an important instrument for communicating and upgrading information as well as for motivating and networking the stakeholders in the respective target groups. The project uses both structured event formats, such as synergy workshops, as well as in-house events, but also contributes to and participates in third-party events related to synergies.

  • Events in the Calendar of Events
  • Workshops with experts from the target groups
  • Events with programme planners in NRW
  • Bilateral exchange at European level
  • Participation in and contributions to third-party events


In July 2022, a delegation from NRW attended a major conference on synergies in Prague, which was organised by the Czech presidency of the Council of the European Union. The Synergien.NRW project was presented in the session “EU Cohesion Policy Funds”. Extensive discussions took place with representatives of the European Commission and the Czech Republic as well as participants from Austria, Czechia, Estonia, Poland and Slovenia.