Horizon Europe

The European Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation are among the largest and best-known funding programmes of the European Union worldwide.

With a budget of over €95.5 billion (in current prices) and a wide variety of thematic calls and funding instruments, Horizon Europe, the current Framework Programme (2021-2027), offers optimum conditions for using synergies with other programmes at EU, national and regional level.

Factsheet "From Horizon 2020 to Horizon Europe: the EU Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation"

The European Union’s multiannual Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation, first introduced in 1984, are the most important and multifaceted instruments in the European Research Area. With the Framework Programmes, the European Commission aims to support transnational cooperation in Europe by fostering excellent research and innovation projects and at the same time to build a competitive economy and contribute to sustainable development. Each Framework Programme for Research and Innovation has been an evolution of the previous one. In Horizon Europe, now the ninth programme, for example, among the measures newly introduced are the EU Missions and the European Innovation Council (EIC).

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